Where is this going?

Lately I’ve been wondering about what to do with the blog portion of my site. I could answer all the common questions out there but there’s plenty of information out there already. Blogging about the latest and greatest in breastfeeding is always an option as there are always people willing to listen to one more opinion. I love breastfeeding, it is now what I do and what I study as much as possible. Still I feel like blogging about motherhood and breastfeeding as a part of that is what would be of most value.

Are there many mommy bloggers out there? There are tons, TONS! So why one more? What makes me a special snowflake such that my one voice should be heard among all the others? The fact that I am sure that there are others like me out there, who might not have yet found their kindred mothering spirit. Maybe some with the same questions I still have who could benefit from all the answers as we go along, together. The thoughts of this have been consuming my mind today. Of course, when I have not been otherwise in mother-drone mode, lol.

Today was an interesting day… I woke up with J2 who is now 9 months old sitting up next to me in bed calling me and looking out the window. DH was sleeping in J1’s room as usual (J1 at almost 3yo wakes up at least once a night still and we discovered that we all sleep much better if he just sleeps the rest of the night there) and when I got there J1 was up and ready for action for who knows how long. We played and followed the motions of all mornings, you know, don’t hurt your sister, please share the toys, mama needs some time before reading the next 10 books kind of motions.

It was supposed to be a rainy day too so we planned to stay in but in usual California fashion it was a beautiful day. Laziness struck and the thought of getting everyone ready to go out won. Contingency plan: finger painting in the kitchen (at least try to save the carpet, right??). J1 decided finger painting is going out of style so he graduated to foot painting, leaps and jumps included. J2 thought eating the finger paint was a lot more interesting than painting with it…. DH wakes up in the middle of this and goes to walk the dog who miraculously had not had an accident even though we were super late in walking her. All this and it is only 10:30am by the time everyone needs a bath from the aftermath of the innocent idea of finger painting.

Motherhood is so… exhausting. It is fantastic but I think we all forget to acknowledge how tiring it can be. Physically and emotionally. The best we can do for ourselves and others is be honest, we love it but a piña colada followed by a nap on the beach sounds lovely every once in a while ;).

If you need breastfeeding help, please contact your local support group, La Leche League or Nursing Mothers Counsel. You can also email me at melisa@ilovebreastfeeding.com.

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