Petting Zoo Volunteers Break-up Breastfeeding Goats

This past weekend we went to a petting zoo inside Gilroy Gardens.  We walked inside the pen which held the baby goats and were informed that they were 2 months old.  Suddenly mama goat breaks into the baby pen, her babies run to her and start nursing.  As we were smiling and observing a volunteer comes and forcefully removes mama goat and complains about how she breaks into the baby pen 20 times a day to nurse and how they remove her every time!  Needless to say the babies were frantic and mama goat looked sad outside trying to figure out another way in.

I spoke with another one of the volunteers who acknowledged that mama goat should be allowed inside to nurse her babies.  Sadly I didn’t see her allowed in again while we were there.  If we can’t even tolerate animals breastfeeding their young it is no surprise that we have so many issues with humans breastfeeding.  It would have been such a great learning opportunity for all the little ones there!

If you need breastfeeding help, please contact your local support group, La Leche League or Nursing Mothers Counsel. You can also email me at

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